About Gina

Hi my name is Gina Davie, thanks for taking the time to check out This was born out of my passion to help people see the possibilities of their life when they make their health a priority. I am intimately aware of the impact going on that first run or finishing a burpee for the first time can have on how a person sees themselves.


My story is like so many others:

  • I have struggled with my weight since I was very young. I was put on my first diet in 1st grade.

  • I was relentlessly bullied as a child as I struggled with my weight.

  • By my late 20’s I weighed 300lbs.

  • I had lived a life of shame and feelings of unworthiness. This prevented me from experiencing life fully.

  • As I approached my 30’s I realized a change needed to be made, a real one that would last for a lifetime.

  • I joined Weight Watchers and after losing half of the weight I needed to, I decided to try running.

  • Running was so hard in the beginning, but with each step the beliefs I had about who I was and what I could do changed.

  • I lost 126 lbs. and have kept it off for 5 years.

  • I started in 2016, to help others change their lives through running and fitness.

  • I LOVE WHAT I DO! You will never find a greater champion to help you change your life. I have been there, I know how hard it is, but I KNOW whatever your goal is, you can achieve it!



Serving Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek, CA


8:00am – Saturdays (long runs)
6:30pm – Tuesday (speed work)